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Gene Review

sws  -  swiss cheese

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG2212, DSWS, Dmel\CG2212, Neuropathy target esterase sws, Swiss cheese, ...
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High impact information on sws

  • Transcript analysis of the region that rescues the olfE phenotype has shown one major transcript at 5.4 kb and a minor one at 1.7 kb [1].
  • An olfactory gene olfE, which affects response to benzaldehyde in larvae and adults of Drosophila melanogaster, has been mapped between two breakpoints on the X chromosome [1].
  • Sequencing of two sws alleles shows amino acid substitutions in these two conserved domains [2].
  • Our findings suggest an interaction between the sws protein and beta-integrin in the development and/or functioning of the olfactory system [3].
  • This study provides evidence for the roles of different integrin subunits and the sws product in regulating normal olfactory behavior in Drosophila [3].

Biological context of sws

  • Only one of the mutants obtained in our screening (olfD) resulted in a insensitivity to several different odorants. olfA, olfE and olfC map close together in a small region of the chromosome between 7C and 7D [4].
  • Here, we show that both the fly and mouse SWS proteins can rescue the defects that arise in sws mutant flies, whereas a point mutation in the proposed active site cannot restore SWS function [5].

Anatomical context of sws

  • A 14-kb genomic fragment from this region has been used for germ-line transformation of olfE mutant flies, and in one of three transformant lines obtained, rescue of the olfE phenotype is observed by two separate behavioral assays [1].


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