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Gene Review

whiB7  -  transcriptional regulator WhiB7

Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

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Disease relevance of whiB7

  • In addition to antibiotics, whiB7 is induced by exposure to fatty acids that pathogenic Mycobacterium species may accumulate internally or encounter within eukaryotic hosts during infection [1].
  • This system depends on whiB7, a gene that pathogenic Mycobacterium shares with Streptomyces, a phylogenetically related genus known as the source of diverse antibiotics [1].
  • This information together with biochemical analyses of the whiB1 to whiB7 gene products will be important for understanding the biology of this novel family of proteins in mycobacteria and related actinomycetes [2].

High impact information on whiB7


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