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Gene Review

musk  -  muscle, skeletal, receptor tyrosine kinase

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704, fj98e12, si:busm1-57f23.3, si:dz46m7.2, si:dz57f23.3, ...
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High impact information on musk

  • We demonstrate that unplugged is transiently expressed in cells adjacent to the choice point and that unplugged signaling before the arrival of growth cones induces changes in the extracellular environment [1].
  • Mutations in two genes, nevermind (nev) and macho (mao), affect axonal projection in the optic tectum, whereas axon formation and elongation of motorneurons are disrupted by mutations in the diwanka (diw) and the unplugged (unp) genes [2].
  • We also show that secondary motor neurons, most similar to those in birds and mammals, depend on the unplugged gene to navigate a choice point, suggesting that primary and secondary motor neurons share common mechanisms controlling axonal path selection [3].
  • Finally, we report that unplugged larvae display a striking pharyngeal arch defect, consistent with a dual function of the unplugged gene in axonal guidance and cell motility [3].


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