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Gene Review

rl  -  rolled

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 12559, BcDNA:RE08694, CG12559, CG18732, CT34260, ...
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Disease relevance of rl

  • Detailed analyses of the rl mutations demonstrated moderate dominant activities of these alleles in the Torso (Tor) signaling pathway, which explains the weak dominant female sterility observed in this study [1].

High impact information on rl

  • All of these phenotypes were highly similar to those of the gain-of-function mutants of DERK/rl [2].
  • We also demonstrate that Dsor1, which has been placed upstream of rl genetically, is able to phosphorylate and activate Rl in vitro [3].
  • Genetic and molecular characterization of the dominant suppressors of D-raf(C110) on the second chromosome identified two gain-of-function alleles of rolled (rl), which encodes a mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase in Drosophila [1].
  • Involvement of rl in cell proliferation was also demonstrated by clonal analysis [1].
  • In the present work, we have studied the polytenization of the rolled (rl) locus, a 100-kb genomic region that maps to the proximal heterochromatin of chromosome 2 and has been previously thought to contribute to alpha-heterochromatin [4].


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