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Gene Review

mbl  -  CG33197 gene product from transcript...

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: BG01127, CG10941, CG14477, CG33197, Dmel\CG33197, ...
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Disease relevance of mbl


High impact information on mbl


Biological context of mbl

  • Functional analysis of mbl, the observation that it also dominantly suppresses the sE-Jun(Asp) gain-of-function phenotype and the phenotypic similarity to mutants in the photoreceptor-specific glass gene suggest that mbl is a general factor required for photoreceptor differentiation [3].
  • On the other hand, the use of distantly located DNA probes in the mbl gene allowed us to orientate the transcription unit in the chromosome [5].
  • RT-PCRs with exon-specific primers downstream of exon 2 were unable to amplify products other than those expected from canonical mbl isoforms, thus indicating that no other exons were efficiently spliced downstream of exon 2 [6].
  • In this review, we focus on the Muscleblind family of tissue-specific alternative splicing regulators [7].
  • Muscleblind proteins bind pre-mRNA through an evolutionarily conserved tandem CCCH zinc finger domain [7].

Anatomical context of mbl

  • Analysis of clones mutant for mbl during eye development shows that it is autonomously required for photoreceptor differentiation [3].


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