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Gene Review

znfl2a  -  zinc finger-like gene 2a

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704, YF-458, sb:cb490, wu:fe16e10, zgc:110491, ...
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High impact information on znfl2a

  • Among these, several novel hematopoietic and vascular genes were detected, for instance, the erythroid transcription factors znfl2 and ncoa4 [1].
  • Expression was up-regulated in scl gain-of-function embryos, identifying znfl2 as an early erythroid factor that is regulated upstream or independently of gata1 [2].
  • In separate expression pattern and micro-array screens the zinc finger containing factor, znfl2, has been previously implicated in hematopoiesis [2].
  • Furthermore, we identified a duplicate znfl2 gene in the genome (znfl2b) which was expressed in early mesendoderm and weakly in the lateral plate mesoderm, overlapping in expression with znfl2 [2].
  • The production of loss-of-function models for znfl2, znfl2b and znfl2/znfl2b together suggested that these erythrocyte specific zinc finger genes are dispensible for erythropoiesis [2].

Other interactions of znfl2a

  • Here we analysed znfl2 expression in detail and performed genetic epistatic analysis in a series of hematopoietic mutants and transient gain-of-function models. znfl2 expression in the hematopoietic intermediate mesoderm and derived erythrocytes required early genes cloche and spadetail, but not gata1 [2].


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