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Gene Review

LETM1  -  leucine zipper-EF-hand containing...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: LETM1 and EF-hand domain-containing protein 1, mitochondrial, Leucine zipper-EF-hand-containing transmembrane protein 1
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Disease relevance of LETM1


High impact information on LETM1

  • Among the candidate genes already described for WHS, LETM1 (leucine zipper/EF-hand-containing transmembrane) is likely to be pathogenetically involved in seizures [3].
  • This mutant phenotype is complemented by the expression of the human LETM1 gene in yeast, indicating a functional conservation of LetM1/Yol027 proteins from yeast to man [4].
  • The LETM1/YOL027 gene family encodes a factor of the mitochondrial K+ homeostasis with a potential role in the Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome [4].
  • Using LETM1-EGFP fusion constructs and an anti-rat LetM1 polyclonal antibody we have demonstrated that LETM1 is located in the mitochondria [1].
  • LETM1 encodes a putative member of the EF-hand family of Ca(2+)-binding proteins [5].

Anatomical context of LETM1


Associations of LETM1 with chemical compounds

  • On the basis of its possible Ca(2+)-binding property and involvement in Ca(2+) signaling and/or homeostasis, we propose that haploinsufficiency of LETM1 may contribute to the neuromuscular features of WHS patients [5].

Regulatory relationships of LETM1

  • LETM1 was co-precipitated with BCS1L and formation of the LETM1 complex depended on BCS1L levels, suggesting that BCS1L stimulates the assembly of the LETM1 complex [7].

Other interactions of LETM1

  • The deletion encompasses 191.5 kb and includes WHSC2, but not LETM1 [8].
  • Thus, manifestations attributable to this deletion are reduced weight for height, minor facial anomalies, ADHD and some learning and fine motor deficiencies, while seizures may be associated with deletions of LETM1 [8].


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