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Gene Review

CMF1  -  cardiac muscle factor 1

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of CMF1


High impact information on CMF1

  • Analysis of CMF1 reveals a bone morphogenetic protein-independent component of the cardiomyogenic pathway [2].
  • Disruption of the CMF1 function in anterior mesoderm inhibits cardiac myogenesis in avian embryos [2].
  • From these data, we hypothesize that chicken CMF1, human CENP-F, mitosin, and mouse LEK1 are members of an emerging family of genes that have important and functionally distinct roles in development and cell division [3].
  • Cardiac muscle factor 1 (CMF1) is characterized as a protein important in cardiac and skeletal myocyte differentiation and is expressed in a developmentally regulated manner [1].
  • LEK1 and CMF1, which are its murine and chicken orthologs, however, are implicated in muscle differentiation and reportedly not distributed at kinetochores [4].


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