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Gene Review

POU2F1  -  POU class 2 homeobox 1

Gallus gallus

Synonyms: Oct-1, chOCT-1
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Disease relevance of POU2F1

  • However, P450 PB-A differed from beta NF-A1/beta NF-A2 in peptide pattern after partial proteolysis by alpha-chymotrypsin and Staphylococcus aureus V8 protease, and complete digestion of 125I-labeled cytochromes by trypsin [1].

High impact information on POU2F1

  • Two major DNA-binding proteins that bind in a sequence-specific manner to the octamer DNA sequence have been identified in mammalian species--a ubiquitously expressed protein (Oct-1) and a lymphoid-specific protein (Oct-2) [2].
  • The predicted protein sequence of the chicken Oct-1 gene demonstrated that the gene for Oct-1 has been highly conserved during vertebrate evolution with an overall 96% amino acid sequence identity between the chicken and human proteins [2].
  • The previously described POU domain (termed POU for its presence in the Pit-1, Oct-1/Oct-2, and Unc-86 genes) and homeobox domain are 100% conserved between the two protein products [2].
  • In addition, transcription factor binding sites for AP1, AP2, and Oct1 and several direct and inverted repeats are present within 1 kb upstream of the initiation site [3].
  • The cytochrome P450 PB-A also differed from beta NF-A1/beta NF-A2, in that its antibodies cross-reacted with P-450 of normal, PB-, and beta-NF-induced rabbit liver microsomes [1].

Biological context of POU2F1

  • Oct-like protein binding in gel-shift assays with several cell and tissue extracts was evident using specific competitors and antibodies, but was lower in affinity for FPIV than for an Oct-1 consensus site [4].
  • Site-directed mutation of the FPIV sequence to a consensus Oct-1 element within the Slp enhancer context increased Oct-1 binding in vitro, but greatly reduced hormonal induction in vivo [4].
  • This suggested that Oct-1 is not directly involved in response, or alternatively, that Oct-1 bound to the lower-affinity site interacts with neighboring factors significantly differently than Oct-1 bound to a consensus sequence [4].


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