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Gene Review

rpl2  -  50S ribosomal protein L2

Gossypium hirsutum

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High impact information on rpl2

  • Once 5' rpl2 was established as a stand-alone mitochondrial gene, it was then lost, and was probably transferred to the nucleus many times [1].
  • In the first three of these species, 5' rpl2 is still present in the mitochondrion, unlike the two legumes, where both parts of rpl2 are present in the nucleus as separate genes [1].
  • Furthermore, where still present in these mitochondrial genomes, 3' rpl2 always appears to be a pseudogene, and there is no evidence that 3' rpl2 was ever a functional mitochondrial gene [1].
  • This complex history of gene fission and gene transfer has created four distinct types of rpl2 structures or compartmentalizations in angiosperms: (1) intact rpl2 gene in the mitochondrion, (2) intact gene in the nucleus, (3) split gene, 5' in the mitochondrion and 3' in the nucleus, and (4) split gene, both parts in the nucleus [1].


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