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Gene Review

ibeA  -  invasion protein IbeA

Escherichia coli UTI89

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Disease relevance of ibeA


High impact information on ibeA

  • Further characterization of Escherichia coli brain microvascular endothelial cell invasion gene ibeA by deletion, complementation, and protein expression [2].
  • An isogenic in-frame deletion mutant of ibeA (ZD1) was constructed by chromosomal gene replacement with a suicide plasmid pCVD442 carrying a 2.1-kb DNA fragment with an ibeA deletion [2].
  • The ibeA gene (ibe10) previously identified by TnphoA mutagenesis is part of a 50-kDa full-length open-reading frame (ORF) encoded by a 1.37-kb DNA fragment [2].
  • The ibeA gene was subcloned into pET28a(+) and was expressed as a recombinant protein with an N-terminal histidine tag [2].
  • We have previously described the cloning and molecular characterization of a determinant, ibeA (also called ibe10), from the chromosome of an invasive cerebrospinal fluid isolate of E. coli K1 strain RS218 (O18:K1:H7) [1].

Biological context of ibeA


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