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Gene Review

GLA  -  galactosidase, alpha

Sus scrofa

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Disease relevance of GLA

  • GLA is the precursor of dihomogammalinolenic acid (DHLA), the substrate for synthesis of "1" series prostaglandins such as PGE1, which have previously been shown to be protective in endotoxin lung injury and traumatic shock [1].

High impact information on GLA

  • A fourth group of monoclonal antibodies, designated GLA, reacts with Bowman's glands and in some instances with secretory cells present in the respiratory mucosa [2].
  • To determine whether the absolute level and/or the triglycerol stereospecificity of GLA in oils affect biological efficacy, epidermal hyperproliferation was induced in guinea pigs by a hydrogenated coconut oil (HCO) diet for 8 wk [3].
  • As dietary sources of gamma-linolenic acid [GLA; 18:3(n-6)], borage oil (BO; 24-25 g/100 g GLA) and evening primrose oil (PO; 8-10 g/100 g GLA) are efficacious in treating skin disorders [3].
  • The influence on the metabolic response to endotoxin of three days of total parenteral nutrition with lipids high in gammalinolenic acid (18:3 omega 6, GLA) compared to soy oil (SO) was examined in acute operatively stressed guinea pigs [1].
  • Guinea pigs fed an intravenous diet containing black currant seed oil (BCO) emulsion (20% GLA) or soy oil emulsion (0% GLA) for 2.5 days had their arterial pH, pCO2, pO2, and bicarbonate measured at baseline and hourly during a 7-hr infusion of endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide (LPS), 2mg/kg) or saline [1].

Associations of GLA with chemical compounds

  • The triglycerol stereospecificity of these oils is distinct, with GLA being concentrated in the sn-2 position of BO and in the sn-3 position of PO [3].


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