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Gene Review

C15  -  CG7937 gene product from transcript CG7937-RA

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 311, 93Bal, CG7937, Cll, Dmel\CG7937, ...
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Disease relevance of C15


High impact information on C15

  • We show that C15 expression requires both dpp and zen, thus forming a genetic feed-forward loop [2].
  • C15/Al also act indirectly to repress ap in ta V, i.e., in surrounding cells [3].
  • C15 is expressed in the same cells as al and, together, C15 and Al appear to directly repress B [3].
  • Regulation of gene expression in the distal region of the Drosophila leg by the Hox11 homolog, C15 [3].
  • In wild-type labial discs, clawless, one of the two homeobox genes expressed in distal cells receiving maximum (Decapentaplegic+Wingless) signaling activity in leg and antennal discs, is specifically repressed by proboscipedia [4].

Associations of C15 with chemical compounds

  • This gene, 311, shares similar identity to all three murine family members and contains the threonine residue in helix 3 of the homeodomain characteristic of the Hox11 family [5].
  • At 100 ppm, surfactin C14 and C15 showed respectively 85.4 and 92.6% adults mortality after one-day exposure [1].


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