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Gene Review

HBE1  -  hemoglobin, epsilon 1

Gallus gallus

Synonyms: HBB, HBG1
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High impact information on HBB

  • We have determined the DNA sequence of the 3' end of the putative beta H-globin gene of chickens and used an S1 nuclease protection assay to analyze transcription of this gene [1].
  • Expression and partial DNA sequence of the chicken beta H-globin gene [1].
  • The chromosomal beta H-globin gene has two 5'-flanking DNAseI hypersensitive sites which bracket two sequences (H and H') bound by erythrocyte and HD3 nuclear protein in vitro [2].
  • During terminal differentiation, both the absence of repressor and the presence of the erythroid enhancer are required for maximal promoter activity, suggesting that the beta A, beta epsilon and beta H globin gene promoters compete for the enhancer during development [3].

Biological context of HBB


Anatomical context of HBB


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