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Gene Review

MT-TL1  -  mitochondrially encoded tRNA leucine 1...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: TRNL1, tRNA
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Disease relevance of MT-TL1


High impact information on MT-TL1

  • The RNA polymerase contained in the chloroplast extract transcribes the spinach chloroplast trnM2, trnV1, and trnl1 loci and the trnV1-trnN1-trnR1-trnL1 cluster in the EcoG fragment of the Euglena chloroplast genome [2].
  • Genetic testing from peripheral blood confirmed an A3243G transition in the patient's MTTL1 gene encoding the transfer RNA for leucine [3].
  • Mitochondrial SNHL may also be syndromic, associated with the A3243G point mutation in the MTTL1 gene [4].


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