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Gene Review

bel  -  belle

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: ATP-dependent RNA helicase bel, BEL, Bel, CG9748, DmRH6, ...
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Disease relevance of bel

  • Some BEL-like elements have captured an envelope gene, probably from other retroelements in some cases but from a phlebovirus in one case [1].

High impact information on bel

  • Other Drosophila transposons also appear to mediate chromosome restructuring by ectopic recombination; these include the retrotransposons BEL, roo, Doc and I and the foldback element FB [2].
  • Consistent with an essential cellular function, strong loss of function mutations in bel are recessive lethal with a larval growth defect phenotype [3].
  • We find that Bel and Vas colocalize in nuage and at the oocyte posterior during oogenesis, and that bel function is required for female fertility [3].
  • CONCLUSION: Sinbad is a Pao/BEL type retrotransposon from the genome of S. mansoni [4].
  • BACKGROUND: Of the major families of long terminal repeat (LTR) retrotransposons, the Pao/BEL family is probably the least well studied [4].

Biological context of bel

  • The Pao/BEL group appears to be comprised of at least five discrete subfamilies, which tend to cluster with host species phylogeny [4].


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