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Gene Review

Thym1  -  Thymus enlargement QTL 1

Rattus norvegicus

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Disease relevance of Thym1


High impact information on Thym1

  • By two RDA series with the restriction enzymes BglII and BamHI, respectively, 28 polymorphic markers were isolated, and 8 of them were shown to be linked to Ten1, and one to Ten2 [3].
  • One of the 8 markers linked to Ten1 demonstrated no recombination in 18 rats with high thymus ratios [3].
  • Linkage studies between Ten-1 and microsatellite markers in backcross rats of (WKY/NCrj x BUF/Mna)F1 x BUF/Mna have led to the localization of Ten-1 in chromosome 1 [4].
  • By analyses of MAPMAKER/EXP and MAPMAKER/QTL, Ten-1 was mapped at 4.6 cM proximal from IGF2 locus on chromosome 1 and Tsu-1 at 4.0 cM proximal from CAT locus on chromosome 3, respectively [2].
  • A locus, Ten-1, which contributes to thymus enlargement in back-cross (BC) rats between the B and WKY/NCrj (W) strains, was mapped on chromosome 1 [2].

Biological context of Thym1

  • To further characterize the precise position of Ten1, 34 and 37 microsatellite markers, that have a polymorphism between the B and WYK (W) and between the B and MITE (M) strains, were used for linkage analysis of thymus enlargement in 105 (WBF1 x B) blackcross (BC) and 78 (B x BMF1) BC rats, respectively [5].
  • This is known to be controlled by single major and minor genes, Ten1 and Ten2, on Chromosomes (Chrs) 1 and 13, respectively, both of which have dose effects on the normal WKY/Ncj (WKY) allele [3].
  • Linkages with thymus enlargement were found in genotypes of seven markers, BSIS, LSN, MYL2, IGF2, PBPC2, D1Mgh11, and D1MIt6, by chi2-test and Student's t-test, which confirmed the presence of the genetic locus associated with thymus enlargement, Ten-1, in this region [2].

Other interactions of Thym1


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