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Gene Review

PHF11  -  PHD finger protein 11

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: APY, BCAP, BRCA1 C-terminus-associated protein, IGEL, IGER, ...
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Disease relevance of PHF11


High impact information on PHF11

  • A locus 13q14 marked by D13S165 near the gene PHF11 exhibits a suggestive linkage to ragweed-specific IgE in Czech atopic families [5].




Anatomical context of PHF11

  • Although the precise functions of SETDB2 and PHF11 are not known, both proteins are expressed in cells of the immune system and include conserved domains that suggest a role in chromatin remodelling or transcriptional regulation, respectively [4].

Other interactions of PHF11

  • However, in the past year the scientific community has benefited from postgenomic discoveries, with the recent cloning of two asthma genes, ADAM 33 and PHF11, and this has generated new information that is benefiting others [6].


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