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Gene Review

DYNC2LI1  -  dynein, cytoplasmic 2, light intermediate...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CGI-60, Cytoplasmic dynein 2 light intermediate chain 1, D2LIC, DKFZP564A033, Dynein 2 light intermediate chain, ...
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High impact information on DYNC2LI1

  • The D2LIC subunit interacts specifically with DHC2 (or cDhc1b) in both reciprocal immunoprecipitations and sedimentation assays [1].
  • D2LIC contains a P-loop motif near its NH(2) terminus, and it shares a short region of similarity to the yeast GTPases Spg1p and Tem1p [1].
  • On brefeldin A-induced Golgi fragmentation, a fraction of D2LIC redistributes to the cytoplasm, leaving behind a subset of D2LIC that is localized around the centrosome [1].
  • Antibodies to dynein 2 HC, LIC3 and a component of IFT particles strongly stained the ependymal layer lining the lateral ventricles [2].
  • Both dynein 2 HC and LIC3 staining was also observed associated with connecting cilia in the retina and within primary cilia of non-neuronal cultured cells [2].

Other interactions of DYNC2LI1

  • The expression of D2LIC also mirrors that of DHC2 in a variety of tissues [1].


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