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Gene Review

ETAA1  -  Ewing tumor-associated antigen 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ETAA16, Ewing's tumor-associated antigen 1, Ewing's tumor-associated antigen 16
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High impact information on ETAA1

  • As demonstrated by flow cytometry, the cell surface expression of ETAA16 antigen is restricted to ET cell lines and not expressed on other small blue round cell tumours or other kind of tumour [1].
  • The human ETAA16 gene locus has been assigned to chromosome 2p13-15 by FISH analyses and is confirmed by the human genome sequencing project [1].
  • Immunoscreening of an Ewing's family of tumour (EFT)-derived cDNA library using formerly described EFT-specific antibodies led to the isolation of a 3.5 kb cDNA, named Ewing's tumour-associated antigen 16 (ETAA16) [1].
  • Only a bovine cDNA expressed in bovine testis and hepatocytes is functionally characterised as it encodes for a junction plaque associated protein and showed a homology of 69.9% at amino acid level to ETAA16 [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ETAA1

  • Immunohistochemistry showed an intracellular expression of ETAA16 in different kind of non-Ewing tumour tissues [1].
  • RT-PCR analysis revealed a high expression of ETAA16 in brain, liver and kidney while lung and heart were negative [1].


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