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Gene Review

rps12  -  ribosomal protein S12

Nicotiana tabacum

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Disease relevance of rps12


High impact information on rps12

  • RNA gel blot hybridization analysis and primer extension sequencing of cDNA to rps12 encoding RNAs indicate that exon 1 and exons 2 and 3 are encoded on separate transcripts [1].
  • These results indicate that a bimolecular (trans-) splicing event occurs during the formation of mature rps12 mRNA [1].
  • C-terminal exons 2 and 3 of rps12 are located in the inverted repeat regions of the tobacco chloroplast genome [1].
  • Exon 1 and exons 2 and 3 are covalently ligated in the correct reading frame in rps12 mRNA [1].
  • In E. coli, alteration in rps12 codons 42 or 87 causes streptomycin resistance [2].

Biological context of rps12


Anatomical context of rps12

  • We report that a streptomycin-resistant mutant isolated from protoplast cultures of N. plumbaginifolia contains an A-to-G transition at nucleotide position 149 in exon 2 of the chloroplast rps12 gene [3].
  • Based on data showing a common sequence in mitochondria and chloroplast DNA of maize (Stern and Lonsdale 1982) and that the rps12 gene of tobacco chloroplast DNA is a divided gene (Torazawa et al. 1986), it is suggested that the sequence on the inverted repeat structure of chloroplast DNA may have the character of a movable genetic element [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of rps12

  • However, the 5' 37 codon of Nicotiana chloroplast rps12 could not be identified by electron microscopy of RNA-DNA hybrids within a DNA region extending 4000 bp upstream of codon 38, nor by computer search of a completely sequenced region extending for more than 9000 bp upstream of this codon [2].


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