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Gene Review

CLPB  -  ClpB caseinolytic peptidase B homolog (E....

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Caseinolytic peptidase B protein homolog, FLJ13152, HSP78, SKD3, Suppressor of potassium transport defect 3
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Disease relevance of CLPB

  • This study used structured diagnostic interviews and DSM-III criteria to assess lifetime prevalence and pre-morbid risk of psychiatric disorder in a sample of men with long-standing chronic back pain (CLPB) attending a primary care clinic [1].

High impact information on CLPB

  • Canavanine induced the synthesis of the four high molecular weight HSPs, particularly HSP 89 and HSP 78, without noticeably enhancing synthesis of the low molecular weight HSPs [2].
  • Hsp78, the homolog of the bacterial chaperone ClpB in mitochondria of eukaryotic organisms, participates in both protective activities [3].
  • Northern analysis showed that the 2.3-kb SKD3 transcript is present in a wide variety of tissues, is abundant in mouse heart, skeletal muscle and kidney, and is most abundant in testis [4].


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