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Gene Review

WRKY25  -  WRKY transcription factor 25

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ATWRKY25, T9D9.6, T9D9_6, WRKY DNA-binding protein 25
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Disease relevance of WRKY25


High impact information on WRKY25

  • The expression of Zat12, Zat7, and WRKY25 was simultaneously elevated in cells in response to oxidative stress (i.e. H(2)O(2) or paraquat application), heat shock, or wounding [2].
  • These WRKY25-overexpressing plants also displayed reduced expression of the SA-regulated PR1 gene after the pathogen infection, despite normal levels of free SA [1].
  • Based on analysis of both T-DNA insertion mutants and transgenic overexpression lines, stress-induced WRKY25 functions as a negative regulator of SA-mediated defense responses to P. syringae [1].
  • This proposed role is consistent with the recent finding that WRKY25 is a substrate of Arabidopsis MAP kinase 4, a repressor of SA-dependent defense responses [1].


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