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Gene Review

WOX5  -  WUSCHEL-related homeobox 5

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: WOX5B, WUSCHEL related homeobox 5, WUSCHEL related homeobox 5B
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High impact information on WOX5

  • Expression of WOX5 shows that identity of the quiescent center is initiated very early in the hypophyseal cell, and highlights molecular and developmental similarities between the stem cell niches of root and shoot meristems [1].
  • We found that WOX5 is both turanose- and auxin-inducible [2].
  • A turanose-insensitive mutant suggests a role for WOX5 in auxin homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana [2].
  • On the basis of turanose effects on wild-type seedlings and the tin molecular and hormonal phenotype, we propose a role for WOX5 in the root apical meristem as a negative trigger of IAA homeostatic mechanisms allowing the maintenance of a restricted area of auxin maximum, which is required for a correct root-formation pattern [2].
  • Because of a T-DNA insertion and a chromosomal translocation, tin expresses a chimeric form of WOX5, a gene known to be expressed in the root quiescent centre [2].


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