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Gene Review

MIND  -  putative septum site-determining protein...

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on MIND

  • Chloroplast division site placement requires dimerization of the ARC11/AtMinD1 protein in Arabidopsis [1].
  • However, in contrast to the defined and punctate intraplastidic localization patterns of an AtMinD1-YFP fusion protein, the single A296G point mutation in ARC11/AtMinD1 results in aberrant localization patterns inside chloroplasts [1].
  • Genomic sequence analysis revealed that arc11 contains a missense mutation in alpha-helix 11 of the chloroplast-targeted AtMinD1 changing an Ala at position 296 to Gly (A296G) [1].
  • Introduction of wild-type AtMinD1 restores the chloroplast division defects of arc11 and quantitative RT-PCR analysis showed that the degree of complementation was highly dependent on transgene expression levels [1].
  • Here, we show that arc11, one of 12 recessive accumulation and replication of chloroplasts (arc) mutants in Arabidopsis, contains highly elongated and multiple-arrayed chloroplasts in developing green tissues [1].

Biological context of MIND


Other interactions of MIND

  • ARC1 down-regulates proplastid division but is on a separate pathway from ARC3, ARC5, ARC6 and ARC11 [2].


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