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Gene Review

ARF8  -  auxin response factor 8

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ATARF8, K15O15.1, K15O15_1
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High impact information on ARF8

  • Expression of ARF8 was found to be regulated at multiple levels, and transcriptional autoregulation of ARF8 was observed [1].
  • This is consistent with a proposed role for ARF8 in restricting signal transduction processes in ovules and growth in pistils until the fruit initiation cue [1].
  • ARF6 and ARF8 transcripts are cleavage targets of the microRNA miR167, and overexpressing miR167 mimicked arf6 arf8 phenotypes [2].
  • (2002), and because two of the three GH3 genes are auxin inducible, ARF8 may control the free IAA level in a negative feedback fashion by regulating GH3 gene expression [3].

Associations of ARF8 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of ARF8

  • Arabidopsis microRNA167 controls patterns of ARF6 and ARF8 expression, and regulates both female and male reproduction [2].


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