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Gene Review

SLC25A31  -  solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: AAC4, ADP,ATP carrier protein 4, ADP/ATP translocase 4, ANT 4, ANT4, ...
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High impact information on SLC25A31

  • AAC4 transcripts are exclusively present in liver, testis and brain unlike those of AAC 1-3 [1].
  • Consistent with its belonging to the AAC subfamily, upon heterologous expression and reconstitution into liposomes AAC4 exchanges ADP for ATP by an electrogenic antiport mechanism with high specificity and high sensitivity to carboxyatractyloside and bongkrekic acid [1].
  • The AAC4 gene maps to human chromosome 4q28.1, and its product AAC4 is 66-68% identical to human AAC 1-3 and is localized to mitochondria [1].
  • Four of the five bacteremic strains produced aminoglycoside adenylating enzyme ANT 4', 4''. Prior colonization of patients with identical strains was demonstrated by plasmid profile analysis, antibiograms and biotyping with the API Staph-Ident system [2].


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