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Gene Review

Otof  -  otoferlin

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Fer-1-like protein 2, Fer1l2, Otoferlin
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High impact information on Otof

  • Exocytosis in Otof(-/-) IHCs is almost completely abolished, despite normal ribbon synapse morphogenesis and Ca(2+) current [1].
  • Otoferlin, defective in a human deafness form, is essential for exocytosis at the auditory ribbon synapse [1].
  • Otoferlin binds Ca(2+) and displays Ca(2+)-dependent interactions with the SNARE proteins syntaxin1 and SNAP25 [1].
  • We show that otoferlin expression in the hair cells correlates with afferent synaptogenesis and find that otoferlin localizes to ribbon-associated synaptic vesicles [1].
  • We studied otoferlin, a predicted C2-domain transmembrane protein, which is defective in a recessive form of human deafness [1].

Biological context of Otof


Anatomical context of Otof

  • Otoferlin-expressing, Ca(v)1.3 deletion-sensitive outer hair cells in the low frequency range could be clearly separated from otoferlin-negative, BK deletion-sensitive outer hair cells in the high frequency range [2].


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