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Gene Review

PAB3  -  polyadenylate-binding protein 3

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: POLY(A) BINDING PROTEIN 3, T22J18.7, T22J18_7, poly(A) binding protein 3
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High impact information on PAB3

  • PAB5 and PAB3 RNAs were detected only in floral organs, with the highest level of expression in immature flowers [1].
  • Expression of PABP from Arabidopsis thaliana, PAB3, rescues an otherwise lethal phenotype of the yeast pab1Delta mutant, but it neither restores the poly(A) dependent stimulation of translation, nor protects the mRNA 5' cap from premature removal [2].
  • PAB3 was present physically in the nucleus in the complemented yeast strain and was able to partially restore the poly(A) tail length control during polyadenylation in vitro, in a poly(A) nuclease (PAN)-dependent manner [2].
  • Proteins encoded by genes in this region include a polyadenylate-binding protein (PAB-3) and a GTP-binding protein (Rab7) as well as a novel protein, possibly involved in double-stranded RNA unwinding and apoptosis [3].
  • Intriguingly, the gene encoding the PAB-3 protein, which is very specifically expressed, is flanked by putative matrix attachment regions [3].


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