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Gene Review

CCC1  -  Ccc1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Cross-complementer of CSG1 protein 1, L8083.6, Protein CCC1, YLR220W
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Disease relevance of CCC1


High impact information on CCC1

  • CCC1 was previously identified by complementation of a Ca2+-sensitive (csg1) mutant [2].
  • Decreased copper resistance in Deltamrs3Deltamrs4 cells results from activation of Aft1p by Ccc1p-mediated iron depletion, as deletion of CCC1 or AFT1 in Deltamrs3Deltamrs4 cells restores copper resistance [3].
  • Deletion of CCC1 in Deltamrs3Deltamrs4 cells restores cellular and mitochondrial iron homeostasis to near normal levels [3].
  • These phenotypes are also corrected by deletion of CCC1 in Deltamrs3Deltamrs4 cells [3].
  • These results indicate that yeast can store iron in the vacuole and that CCC1 is involved in the transfer of iron from the cytosol to the vacuole [4].

Biological context of CCC1


Anatomical context of CCC1

  • Overexpression of CCC1, which is localized to the vacuole, lowers cytosolic iron and increases vacuolar iron content [4].

Associations of CCC1 with chemical compounds

  • First, overexpression of CCC1 reduced manganese cytotoxicity without lowering total accumulation of the metal [5].
  • Using several different criteria we demonstrated that CCC1 encodes a transporter that effects the accumulation of iron and Mn(2+) in vacuoles [4].

Other interactions of CCC1


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