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Gene Review

CDD1  -  cytidine deaminase

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: CDA, Cytidine aminohydrolase, Cytidine deaminase, L9672.13, YLR245C
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High impact information on CDD1

  • CDD1 is a yeast ortholog of APOBEC-1 that exhibits cytidine deaminase and RNA-editing activity [1].
  • The A. aeolicus TadA dimeric structure is completely different from the tetrameric structure of yeast CDD1, which deaminates mRNA and cytidine, but is similar to the dimeric structure of yeast cytosine deaminase [2].
  • The catalytic subunit APOBEC-1 is a cytidine deaminase and requires a second essential component recently cloned and termed APOBEC-1 complementing factor (ACF) or APOBEC-1-stimulating protein (ASP) [3].
  • By introduction of the polymorphic HCDA genes into the yeast CDA-null mutants, the HCDA-70T showed 40% and 32% activity of prototype for cytidine and ara-C substrates, respectively (P < 0.01) [4].

Associations of CDD1 with chemical compounds


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