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Gene Review

RPS28B  -  ribosomal 40S subunit protein S28B

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

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High impact information on RPS28B

  • In this issue of Molecular Cell, Badis et al. demonstrate that autoregulated destabilization of the RPS28B mRNA is mediated by Edc3p interaction with an Rps28p/3'UTR mRNP complex [1].
  • This stabilization results from the loss of RPS28B autoregulation, which occurs at the level of mRNA decay [2].
  • RPS28A maps to the right arm of chromosome VII and RPS28B to the right arm of chromosome XVI [3].
  • Using site-directed and random mutagenesis, we show that different changes in RPS28 can have diametrical influences on translational accuracy or antibiotic sensitivity in yeast [4].
  • Although mutations in these different parts of RPS28 have opposite affects on translational accuracy or antibiotic sensitivity, additive phenotypes can be observed when opposing mutations are combined in the same protein [4].

Biological context of RPS28B

  • To examine the effect of mutant S28, we disrupted RPS28B and introduced in RPS28A the same substitutions that cause hyperaccurate translation or antibiotic resistance in bacteria [5].

Other interactions of RPS28B


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