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Gene Review

MDM30  -  SCF ubiquitin ligase complex subunit MDM30

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Mitochondrial distribution and morphology protein 30, YLR368W
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High impact information on MDM30

  • The F box protein Dsg1/Mdm30 is a transcriptional coactivator that stimulates Gal4 turnover and cotranscriptional mRNA processing [1].
  • In contrast, mitochondria in mutants lacking Mdm30 are highly fragmented due to a defect in mitochondrial fusion [2].
  • Mitochondrial fusion is also blocked during sporulation of homozygous diploid mutants lacking Mdm30, leading to a mitochondrial inheritance defect in ascospores [2].
  • However, deletion of MDM30 did not stabilize Fzo1 after mating pheromone treatment, showing a different mechanism from the previously reported process of steady state Fzo1 regulation [3].
  • Our results suggest that Mdm30 controls mitochondrial shape by regulating the steady-state level of Fzo1 and point to a connection of the ubiquitin/26S proteasome system and mitochondria [4].

Biological context of MDM30

  • We propose that mitochondria-associated F-box proteins Mfb1 and Mdm30 are key components of a complex machinery that regulates mitochondrial dynamics throughout yeast's entire life cycle [2].

Anatomical context of MDM30


Other interactions of MDM30


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