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Gene Review

VMA6  -  H(+)-transporting V0 sector ATPase subunit d

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: L9324.8, V-ATPase 39 kDa subunit, V-ATPase subunit M39, V-ATPase subunit d, V-type proton ATPase subunit d, ...
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High impact information on VMA6

  • Thus, the C subunit (homologue of d subunit, yeast Vma6p) associates with the L subunit ring tightly, and I (homologue of 100-kDa subunit, yeast Vph1p), E, and G subunits constitute a stable complex [1].
  • Vma6p was removed from wild type vacuolar membranes by strong chaotropic agents such as alkaline Na2CO3 or 5M urea, which did not remove integral membrane polypeptides [2].

Anatomical context of VMA6

  • In yeast cells lacking the integral membrane portion of the V-ATPase complex, Vma6p was unable to stably associate with vacuolar membranes [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of VMA6

  • A 44-kD polypeptide cofractionated with V-ATPases upon gel-filtration chromatography of detergent-solubilized tonoplast membranes and was specifically cross-reactive with anti-Vma6p polyclonal antibodies [3].


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