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Gene Review

ARX1  -  Arx1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Associated with ribosomal export complex protein 1, YD8557.10c, YDR101C
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High impact information on ARX1

  • The accumulation in the cytoplasm of a small complex formed by the association of Arx1 with a novel factor, Alb1/Yjl122w, inhibits the release of the putative antiassociation factor Tif6 from the premature large ribosomal subunits and its recycling to the nucleus [1].
  • However, deletion of ARX1 or the fusion of enhanced GFP (eGFP) to Rpl25 suppressed the cold sensitivity of an rei1Delta mutant [2].
  • Deletion of REI1 led to cold sensitivity and redistribution of Arx1 to the cytoplasm, where it remained bound to free 60S subunits [2].
  • Arx1 is related to methionine aminopeptidases (MetAPs), and Rei1 is a C(2)H(2) zinc finger protein whose function in ribosome biogenesis has not been previously characterized [2].
  • Furthermore, these results suggest that Rei1 is needed for release of Arx1 from nascent 60S subunits after export to the cytoplasm but not for the subsequent nuclear import of Arx1 [2].

Associations of ARX1 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of ARX1

  • The presence of eGFP on Rpl25 or its neighboring protein Rpl35 reduced the binding of Arx1 to 60S subunits, suggesting that Arx1 binds to 60S subunits in the vicinity of the exit tunnel [2].


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