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Gene Review

NTH2  -  alpha,alpha-trehalase NTH2

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Alpha,alpha-trehalase, Alpha,alpha-trehalose glucohydrolase, YBR001C, YBR0106
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Disease relevance of NTH2

  • In the present paper, we have analysed the expression of the trehalase genes under heat stress conditions and present genetic evidence for the 'poor-heat-shock-recovery' phenotype associated with NTH1 and YBR0106 mutants [1].

High impact information on NTH2

  • We therefore propose that the NTH1 and NTH2 genes have stress-related function and the gene products may be called stress proteins [2].
  • The role of the putative trehalase Nth2p in trehalose metabolism is not known [2].
  • YLR345Wp and NTH2p are enzymes involved in the central metabolism under stress conditions [3].
  • However, similar to the NTH1 gene a requirement of the intact YBR0106 gene for thermotolerance is demonstrated in experiments with the respective mutants [4].
  • The trehalase gene (YBR0106) on chromosome II is located beside the centromere and transcribed towards it [5].

Biological context of NTH2

  • A gene with 77% identity with NTH1, YBR0106, which was discovered during sequencing of chromosome II (Wolfe, K. H., and Lohan, A. J. E. (1994) Yeast 10, S41-S46), is shown here to be expressed into mRNA [4].
  • The YBR0106 and NTH1 proteins are 77% identical in predicted amino acid sequence, but there is no pronounced sequence similarity between the two centromeres (CEN2 and CEN4) outside of the universally conserved CDE I and CDE III elements [5].

Other interactions of NTH2


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