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Gene Review

KAP104  -  Kap104p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Importin subunit beta-2, Importin-104, Karyopherin subunit beta-2, Karyopherin-104, TRN, ...
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High impact information on KAP104

  • Karyopherin-beta2 (transportin) binds a cognate import substrate and targets it to the nuclear pore complex [1].
  • Depletion of Kap104p resulted in a rapid shift of Nab2p from the nucleus to the cytoplasm without affecting the localization of other nuclear proteins tested [2].
  • Kap104p: a karyopherin involved in the nuclear transport of messenger RNA binding proteins [2].
  • Kap104p is also known to recognize rg-NLSs, and here we show that it compensates for the loss of Kap121p function [3].
  • Kap104 is required for the G(alpha)/phosphatase-mediated effect on Fus3 localization [4].

Biological context of KAP104


Anatomical context of KAP104


Physical interactions of KAP104

  • Here, we define a Nab2p sequence that binds to Kap104p and that functions as an NLS in both human and yeast cells despite lacking any evident similarity to basic or M9 NLSs [7].
  • Truncation of the Kap104 cargo-binding domain blocked the effect of both Gpa1(E364K) and Msg5 on Fus3-GFP localization [4].

Other interactions of KAP104

  • Also, addition of Kap104p to Nab2p and Nab4p/Hrp1p prebound to single-stranded DNA-cellulose stimulated release of both proteins from the resin [6].
  • We also demonstrate that Kap104p, like other known beta-karyopherins (or importins), interacts directly with the small GTPase Ran/Gsp1 [6].
  • Pse1p is predominantly necessary for nuclear uptake of H3 and H4, while Kap104p and Yrb4p also support import [8].


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