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Gene Review

FRT1  -  Frt1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Functionally related to TCP1 protein 1, HPH1, High pH protein 1, O6159, Protein HPH1, ...
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High impact information on FRT1

  • FRT1 is highly similar to recently identified fructose transporters of yeasts, but much less to other fungal hexose transporters characterized so far [1].
  • Deletion of the FRT1 gene in a K. lactis strain already deleted for its RAG1 and HGT1 hexose transporter genes completely prevented uptake of and growth with fructose but not with glucose [2].
  • Transcription of the FRT1 gene, which was undetectable when cells were grown in ethanol, was induced by various sugars [2].
  • Determination of substrate specificities and kinetic parameters revealed Frt1 as a fructose transporter with a K(m) of 0.16+/-0.02 mM [2].
  • This motif is related to calcineurin docking sites in other substrates, such as NFAT and Crz1p, and is required for regulation of Hph1p by calcineurin [3].

Anatomical context of FRT1

  • Hph1p and Hph2p serve redundant roles in promoting growth under conditions of high salinity, alkaline pH, and cell wall stress [3].
  • Calcineurin modifies the distribution of Hph1p within the endoplasmic reticulum and is required for full Hph1p activity in vivo [3].

Associations of FRT1 with chemical compounds

  • By using a hexose uptake deficient yeast strain for expression, FRT1 was found to be a high affinity proton coupled symporter specific for fructose but not for glucose [1].


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