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Gene Review

PDH1  -  Pdh1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: LPZ2W, YP9723.02, YPR002W
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Disease relevance of PDH1


High impact information on PDH1

  • Rephosphorylation of Pdh1p and Cdr1p was protein kinase A inhibitor-sensitive but responded differentially to Tpk isoforms, stressors, and glucose concentration [2].
  • This suggests that phosphorylation of Pdh1p may be required for efficient coupling of NTPase activity with drug efflux [3].
  • In 4 of these 10 isolates PDH1 was similarly upregulated, and in the remainder it was upregulated three- to fivefold, while ERG11 expression was minimally changed [4].
  • Fluconazole resistance associated with drug efflux and increased transcription of a drug transporter gene, PDH1, in Candida glabrata [5].
  • PDH1, CgCDR1 and PDR5 have striking similarities in function and regulation [6].

Biological context of PDH1

  • Expression of PDH1 in a C. glabrata cgcdr1::ura3 pdh1Delta::ura3 mutant using a multicopy plasmid almost completely restored the wild-type phenotype, showing that PDH1 at higher levels of expression can replace CgCDR1 [6].

Associations of PDH1 with chemical compounds


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