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Gene Review

rpoN  -  RNA polymerase factor sigma-54

Helicobacter pylori J99

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Disease relevance of rpoN

  • The rpoN gene, encoding the alternative sigma factor (sigma54) of Helicobacter pylori, was amplified from genomic DNA [1].

High impact information on rpoN

  • Expressing sigma(54) at high levels by putting rpoN under the control of the ureA promoter restored flagellar biogenesis and motility in the hp0958:aphA3 mutant [2].
  • Expression of flgM was increased relative to the wild-type and both rpoN and fliA (sigma(28)) expression were unchanged [3].
  • Because the flaB gene has an rpoN consensus sequence in its promoter region, we assessed the transcriptional activity of the flaB gene, using xylE transcriptional fusion [1].
  • Allelic exchange mutagenesis of rpoN encoding RNA-polymerase sigma54 subunit in Helicobacter pylori [1].
  • By morphological examination with acridine orange staining, the rpoN mutant showed green and faintly orange-stained irregularly shaped cells with a few orange-stained rod/spiral cells [1].

Anatomical context of rpoN

  • In late stationary phase, the rpoN mutant showed marked decreases in viability: i.e., the number of colony-forming units (CFU) at 100 h was 4 log lower in the rpoN mutant than in the wild-type strain [1].

Associations of rpoN with chemical compounds

  • H. pylori rpoN has an overall similarity to the rpoN of other bacteria, but lacks a glutamine (Q)-rich region in region I and an acidic region in region II [1].


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