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Gene Review

OLFM2  -  olfactomedin 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: NOE2, NOELIN2, NOELIN2_V1, Noelin-2, OlfC, ...
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Disease relevance of OLFM2


High impact information on OLFM2

  • No significant association was detected between SNPs in OLFM2 and in MYOC [1].
  • Common polymorphisms in OLFM2 and OPTN may interactively contribute to the development of OAG, indicating a polygenic etiology [1].
  • Patients with normal IOP and with OLFM2/678A+OPTN/412G or OLFM2/1281C+OPTN/412G had significantly worse visual field scores (P = 0.022 or 0.030, respectively) [1].
  • Strikingly, however, Noelin 1 and Noelin 3 were found to be expressed as multiple splice variants while only a single spliced transcript could be identified for Noelin 2 [2].
  • RESULTS: The study led to the identification of three groups of proteins encoded by three different genes; Noelin 1 (9q34.3), Noelin 2 (19p13.2), and Noelin 3 (1p22) encompassing 45,575 bp, 82,679 bp, and 1,93,421 bp of the genomic sequence, respectively [2].

Biological context of OLFM2


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