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Gene Review

crl  -  pseudo

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK0241, JW0230
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Disease relevance of crl

  • Although the gene encoding this structural subunit, crl, is present and transcribed in most natural isolates of E. coli, only certain strains are able to assemble the subunit protein into curli [1].

High impact information on crl

  • We found that a crl null allele influences expression of RpoS-regulated genes in a fashion similar to an rpoS null allele [2].
  • The appY and crl genes encode transcriptional regulators related to anaerobic energy metabolism and the formation of curli surface fibers, respectively [3].
  • The virulence genes found were: fim in all eight isolates, csgA in seven, aer in six, and pap, crl and tsh in one isolate each [4].

Biological context of crl

  • All isolates, irrespective of the production of the fimbriae, carried sequences specific for the structure (csgA) and for one of the regulator genes (crl) of curli expression, respectively [5].

Other interactions of crl

  • Genetic evidence suggests that crl and rpoS function in a single pathway and that Crl functions upstream, or in concert with, RpoS [2].


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