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Gene Review

recX  -  regulatory protein for RecA

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK2693, JW2668, oraA
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Disease relevance of recX

  • A gene designated recX (or oraA) is present directly downstream of recA in E. coli; however, the function of RecX is unknown [1].
  • The recX gene potentiates homologous recombination in Neisseria gonorrhoeae [2].

High impact information on recX

  • In many eubacteria, coexpression of recX with recA is essential for attenuation of the deleterious effects of recA overexpression; however, the molecular mechanism has remained enigmatic [3].
  • In vivo, we showed that recX is under control of the LexA repressor and is up-regulated in response to DNA damage [1].
  • In log-phase cells, dinI mutants have fewer foci than wild type and that recX mutants have more foci than wild type [4].
  • We were able to complement all these deficiencies by supplying a functional copy of recX elsewhere in the chromosome [2].
  • The recX loss-of-function mutant showed decreases in pilus phase variation, DNA transformation and DNA repair ability compared with wild type [2].

Biological context of recX


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of recX


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