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Gene Review

NUP93  -  nucleoporin 93kDa

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: 93 kDa nucleoporin, KIAA0095, Nuclear pore complex protein Nup93, Nucleoporin Nup93
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High impact information on NUP93

  • When lamina assembly is prevented using the dominant-negative mutant XlaminB delta 2+, Nup153 does not appear at the nuclear envelope, while other F/GXFG-containing nucleoporins and Nup93 are recruited normally [1].
  • Our results show that only two of more than 20 nuclear pore core structure components, namely Nup93 and Nup96, are caspase targets [2].
  • Nuclear transport proteins such as CSE1, NUP93 and Importin-alpha have recently been shown to be chromatin-associated proteins in yeast, which have unexpected functions in gene regulation [3].
  • Using subtractive screening, 3'end fragment of Nup93 from the testis cDNA library of the rice field eel was obtained [4].
  • Real-time PCR result showed that expression of Nup93 in gonads and kidney were much higher than in other tissues, and different expression quantities among gonads of three sexes were also observed, suggesting that Nup93 may involve in gonad development [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NUP93


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