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Molecular cloning of the rice field eel Nup93 with predominant expression in gonad and kidney.

Nucleoporins (Nups) are important components of nuclear pore complexes (NPCs). NPCs control gene expression, cells proliferation and differentiation by mediating exchange of cellular signal molecules on both nuclear and cytoplasmic sides. Using subtractive screening, 3'end fragment of Nup93 from the testis cDNA library of the rice field eel was obtained. Full-length cDNA of the gene was further cloned by degenerate PCR and 5'RACE methods. Sequence analysis indicated that the homology of the rice field eel Nup93 were 36.5% with yeast Nic96, 94.6% and 90.5% with Nup93 of zebrafish and human, respectively. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the rice field eel Nup93 fits with Nup93 of the other fishes. Real-time PCR result showed that expression of Nup93 in gonads and kidney were much higher than in other tissues, and different expression quantities among gonads of three sexes were also observed, suggesting that Nup93 may involve in gonad development.[1]


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