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Drug Approval

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Biological context of Drug Approval


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Gene context of Drug Approval

  • The OTC drug monograph process and the NDA route of OTC drug approval are two different methods that reach the same result, the approval of safe and effective drugs [8].
  • Postmarketing surveillance: curriculum for the clinical pharmacologist. Part I: Postmarketing surveillance within the continuum of the drug approval process [14].
  • Drug approval often depends on a 75% improvement in the baseline PASI score, also known as a PASI 75 or Delta PASI 75 [15].
  • Based on mechanistic approaches to the drug absorption and dissolution processes, the BCS enables the regulatory bodies to simplify and improve the drug approval process [16].
  • Surrogate markers, such as CD4 counts and viral RNA levels, have been used recently in the anti-human immunodeficiency virus drug approval process with success [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Drug Approval


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