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Advisory Committees

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Disease relevance of Advisory Committees


Psychiatry related information on Advisory Committees

  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: The case volume from the Residency Review Committee (RRC) operative logs, ABSITE scores, ABS performance, fellowship training, and subsequent career choices were examined for all graduating chief residents in general surgery from our program over the past 17 years [6].
  • This paper describes the development of a Taiwanese version of the Brief Pain Inventory (BPI-T) and discusses its psychometric properties in Taiwan. The BPI-T was developed from the original BPI using back-translation and committee review [7].
  • The Clinical Plan has been developed, in part, through analysis of the studies conducted by Pfizer in its successful effort to have Zoloft approved by the FDA for use with PTSD patients, and through review of transcripts of the FDA's Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee meeting that recommended approval of Zoloft for PTSD [8].
  • The Advisory Committee on the Training of Dental Practitioners of the EU (ACTDP) in order to ensure a comparably demanding standard in dental education, recommended in 1986 a self-assessment system, and visitations to dental training establishments [9].

High impact information on Advisory Committees

  • An Institute of Medicine task force is expected to issue a report on this subject in September 1998 [10].
  • In 1981-1982, a Massachusetts Hospital Association and Massachusetts Blue Cross-Blue Shield task force reviewing ancillary services found that the use of respiratory therapy at New England Deaconess Hospital far exceeded the statewide average [11].
  • However, MRI of the head was negative for MS in 25% and equivocal in 40% of the patients considered to have MS by the diagnostic review committee (sensitivity, 58%) [12].
  • AGA Task Force on Quality in Practice: a national overview and implications for GI practice [13].
  • World Bank task force push/pulls AIDS vaccines [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of Advisory Committees


Biological context of Advisory Committees


Associations of Advisory Committees with chemical compounds


Gene context of Advisory Committees

  • After 2 more years without improvement, a SHEA task force was appointed to draft this evidence-based guideline on preventing nosocomial transmission of such pathogens, focusing on the two considered most out of control: MRSA and VRE [30].
  • EGFR antisense gene therapy was reviewed by the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee and the Food and Drug Administration, and a phase I clinical trial is currently underway in patients with advanced HNSCC [31].
  • ACC/AHA task force report: guidelines for ambulatory electrocardiography [32].
  • For this methodology to gain wide acceptance, the task force encourages development of a common data set for both adult and pediatric ALS interventions [33].
  • It is hoped the efforts of distinguished expert entities such as the task force and SEP will be a useful guide in addressing the needs of the biomedical community and assisting in its success [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Advisory Committees


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