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High impact information on Zoology

  • Preclinical medical students in the University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff and first-year zoology students completed a self-report questionnaire on the frequency of going to medical school among their first- and second-degree relatives [1].
  • Histological studies of the lumbosacral region of day 15 and day 16 embryos indicated that the splotch-delayed mutant had similar but less severe defects in spinal ganglion development than those reported for splotch (Auerbach: Journal of Experimental Zoology 127:305-329, 1954) [2].
  • Polyclonal antisera were raised in rabbits against the purified sialated, presumed-globular tetrameric pseudocholinesterase (pseudo-ChE) from surgeonfish (Leibel: Journal of Experimental Zoology 1988b) and against commercially obtained Electrophorus electroplax AChE [3].


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