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Muscle Tonus

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Disease relevance of Muscle Tonus


High impact information on Muscle Tonus

  • Chronically administered 3-nitropropionic acid produces selective lesions in the striatum and reduces muscle tonus [2].
  • At very high doses of haloperidol and later in the action of the drug, muscle tonus appears to be weakened, reducing the likelihood of jumping [3].
  • Muscle tonus was also altered by systemic injections of mephenesin, a centrally acting muscle relaxant [4].
  • Initially described as a peptidergic neuromuscular transmitter, it now appears that proctolin is a major arthropod neurohormone modulating nervous activity, muscle tonus and contractile force [5].
  • The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, originally developed by Dr. Omura, utilizes changes in the degree of strength of voluntary movements of muscles of the fingers under a definite muscle tonus, making Bi-Digital O-Rings, as an indicator of pathology in the body [6].

Associations of Muscle Tonus with chemical compounds

  • 2. L-glutamate, at a concentration of 10(-4) to 10(-3) M, caused an increase in the frequency of contractions and in muscle tonus [7].
  • Lorazepam induced in this trial a marked relief of anxiety after 60 minutes without changes in vital parameters nor in reflex activity or muscle tonus [8].
  • Increasing the volume of epidural sufentanil, and similarly decreasing the concentration of the injection product, resulted in a potentiation of the analgesic properties of epidural sufentanil without affecting the effects of the drug on the pinna and cornea reflexes and on muscle tonus [9].


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