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High impact information on Onions

  • The concentration of PCSO was determined by HPLC in 2- or 6-mo-old leeks after attacks of various intensity either by the specialist leek moth or by a generalist moth, Agrotis ipsilon [1].
  • Influence of processing on total, monoglutamate and polyglutamate folate contents of leeks, cauliflower, and green beans [2].
  • Se-methylselenocysteine is the major selenocompound in selenium enriched plants such as garlic, onions, broccoli florets and sprouts, and wild leeks [3].
  • Contents in dry matter, ascorbic acid and minerals of leeks and turnips were not strongly affected by the different fertilization regimes [4].
  • The method, which combines a selective distillation cleanup procedure with the selective redox titration of sulfite ion by iodine, has been applied to a variety of foods and food products over a period of time with no significant interference encountered in any matrixes other than garlic and leeks [5].


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